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Welcome to Creative Lanka, a Sri Lankan-based company which was established in 2006 and became an innovative company in Sri Lanka Web Design, Sri Lanka Graphic Design,3D Modeling and animation,professional Web Development, and secure Web Hosting. We are a specialist team of artists, modelers, designers & programmers who have successfully executed a great number of creative & high-quality projects that gave spectacular results for our customers. Join with us to shape your idea into a great product in following fields:

Web Design

No matter what the size of your business is, a professionally designed website is a gateway to a great number of business opportunities. Join with the best Web Designers in Sri Lanka. We will design not only fashionable, but also user-friendly, easily accessible web site for you that will help to put your best foot forward on the Internet. Learn more

ECommerce Websites

E commerce, simply Selling online, is a successful way to reach your customers globally, & provides you an automated 24x7x365 non-stop business - even when you are sleeping. But only if you have it designed the genuine & safe way. Internet is littered with countless short-lived & unproven E-businesses; surely you wouldn’t want your business to be one of them.Learn more

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimizing your website for a higher search engine ranking to get the maximum clicks requires specific talent. Our team has the talent that you’re looking for. We will help you not only to find the right keywords and phrases for your site, but also to make page titles and descriptions search engine-friendly.

Graphic Design

Do your Graphic Design marketing materials present exactly what you want? Does they create a good, first impression of your company in customer’s mind? Let us help you to bring your ideas to life. We provide a complete range of Graphic Design services from something small as Logos and Business Cards to gigantic Billboards and Posters.

Web Development

We specialize in develop advanced web applications services to a variety of business process around the globe. We are developing a start up online business or expanding your business by using web applications integrated with existing back end systems. Our web programming and web development team specialize in Linux environment solutions.

Content Management Systems

Tired of the repetitive costs and hassles of paying a web design company to perform site updates? With a properly implemented Content Management System (CMS) in hand, you’ll be able to revise, modify & remove content from your own website without the expertise of an expensive webmaster.

Email Marketing

Be it acquiring new customers or ensuring current clients stay with you, E-mail Marketing is one of the most popular ways to do so. Marketing your products and services without ending up spamming your customers in-boxes, needs a strategized plan. We at Creative Lanka offer you just that.

3D Architectural Designs

We have the expertise in architectural 3D rendering that you’re looking for. Within the past few years, we have helped many architects and property developersto utilize our realistic renderings of Floor Plans, 3D Interiors, 3D Exteriors&Walkthrough Animations to generate interest from their target audience.

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Tips For Creative Web Sites

SEO & Old Wine

seo-srilanka One of the all-time best quote – “older the wine – the better it gets” – goes along with SEO too! Some popular search engines take into account the age of a website very seriously; they give a higher ranking for old sites than young ones. This sound pretty unfair if you’re new website owner- but don’t worry, you’re going to like it when you &your site get older.

Green Web Hosting

green-web-hosting Obviously something any environment-conscious website owner would be proud to say; anyone who purchase an account from a Green Web Host saves the planet mini-scale! Green Hosts use solar & wind power to run, & recycling waste is also practiced by them. Some of them even plant a tree for each account they open!

Best resolution for your site

best-resolution This is very simple – best resolution for your site is the resolution-or resolutionsthat your visitors got. Designing your site in terms of percentage rather than pixels is the best way to make your website look good in all resolutions.  

Pretty but Useless

pretty-web-site Make sure your website has the least possible load time. Undoubtedly you as a web user must’ve come across painfully slow sites that you’ve decided never to visit again. Think as an average visitor & see whether your site is user-hostile. If it is, start correcting by minimizing graphics & flash items.

Are Static Banners useful?

web-design-satitc-banner Static banners are often considered old-fashioned – But is it useless? Some experts think animated banners are annoying & not attention-grabbing, but asking to be ignored. More admired in news sites & blogs, static banners seems to be useful when grabbing consumers' attention is more about being relevant than conspicuous.




I am looked a unquie and modern design for my business, and finally founded creativelanka and they delivered exactly what I was after, and exceeded my expectations. I was happy with the service and the communication.

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